Download A Piece of Your Mind (1 – 12 Complete Episodes) | Korean Drama

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Download A Piece of Your Mind Korean Drama, A Piece of Your Mind Korean Drama is a Tv series by TVN Network.

  • Original Title: A Piece of Your Mind (2020)
  • NetworkTvN
  • File Extension: .mkv
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How much can a person love another on their own? A Piece of Your Mind, People call this unrequited love. It is something that starts with a small reason or moment, but the feeling turns into something so hard to get rid of. This feeling is one-sided and incomplete, but it is free to start, grow and end as it pleases. Certain things in life, like dreams, happiness, and unrequited love, are all invisible. However, we go on believing in them. Even if it is one-sided and incomplete, it drives us forward to continue living another day. In that sense, perhaps unrequited love could be seen as the courage or hope that we need to grow. We follow Ha Won as he goes on believing that a piece of a certain someone’s mind is all he needs and watch him as he continues to love on his own.